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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy commonly referred to as “PT”, helps to improve an individual’s gross motor development which involves a person’s larger, stronger muscle groups. For children in particular, Physical Therapy helps to enable a child to hold his/her head up, sit, crawl, and eventually walk, run, jump and skip.

If a child qualifies for PT Services through the developmental screening and evaluation process, therapy services will be provided by a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assistant in a child’s natural environment. For children ages birth through two years, this is usually the home or a childcare setting. For children ages three through five years, it is often a preschool setting or another educational setting. The goal of Physical Therapy is to improve a child’s motor skills and increase his/her independence through developing muscle strength, coordination and flexibility.

Targeted Areas for Motor Skill Development:

  • Developing head and trunk control

  • Balance and transitional movements

  • Posture

  • Range of Motion

  • Coordination through the use of developmental sequences

  • Development of protective reactions, and inhibition of “primitive reflexes”

  • Tone adjustment techniques, and special equipment

  • Sensory Integration

Physical Therapy

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