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Children's Resources Center

Developmental Screening

Free Developmental Screening

Children’s Resource Center offers free developmental screenings for children birth through age five. Ideally your child needs one developmental screening before the age of two and certainly one before the age of five is essential. Developmental screenings are a quick assessment to make sure that a child is on track and meeting developmental milestones. Developmental areas that are screened include hearing and vision, thinking and reasoning skills, communication skills and physical movement skills. The developmental screening process itself is surprisingly fun for both the child and the parent.

Ninety percent of brain development occurs early in a child’s life and that is why it is important to have a child screened. In the event that a child is not developing on track, Early Intervention Services are needed to assist the child in meeting developmental milestones. Because early learning opportunities are a crucial part of a child’s development it is important to begin intervention services as soon as possible.

Remember all developmental services are free - so the only thing parents cannot afford to do is wait.

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